Who is American Tradesmen Clothing Company?

100% veteran owned and operated, we design high quality, clothing that celebrates the skilled tradesmen that built, repair, and maintain the American Dream. Our tradesmen clothing lines are organized by industry and are the perfect way to show off your pride in a job that demands a high level of skill, and dedication. Today's American tradesmen are needed more than ever as America embraces industry again and celebrates an honest day's work. Our shirts feature vintage designs that are ideal for patriotic events, the job site, on vacation, or when you are with family & friends. We designed our apparel to look good regardless of the event and are a great way to support today's American trades and the dedication that these men and women have for the skilled labor needed to support our country's continued growth and place in the world.

All of our shirts are design, printed, packaged and shipped in the U.S.A. and sold exclusively through Amazon.com. We draw on our military background, time in the trades, and strong love for this country to bring you apparel and products that you can be proud to wear at a price you will love.

Why do you sell exclusively on Amazon.com?

We chose to sell exclusively on Amazon.com for several reasons:
- You most likely already use Amazon.com and have an account with them, this makes ordering very easy, safe, and seamless,
- All of our products are eligible for Prime Shipping so you can receive orders quickly and often with FREE 2-day shipping,
- All of our products are covered by the Amazon Shipping and return policy, so you are guaranteed to either love your product or get a full refund.

What are your shipping and return policies?

Since we sell exclusively on Amazon.com, we use their shipping policies and return policies.

Are your products 100% American made?

All of our shirts are designed, printed, packaged and shipped in the U.S.A., however, our standard tee shirt blank (sourced from Port & Company) is originally sewn in South America. We do offer the option to have any of our designs created with 100% American sourced shirts (such as American Apparel), however, the price point is about 10% higher and does not include free shipping - this is considered a custom order but we love to do them.

Note: The 100% American sourced shirts are a little more "fitted", and some customers may find them a little tight compared to our standard shirt. Our standard shirts tend to run "true to size" and have been found to be very durable. If you would like to order any of our designs as a 100% American made shirt, simply click here and let us know which product you would like and we will create it for you.

I want to have a shirt/hoodie/sweatshirt made for my club/group/chapter, can you do that?

Yes, we can create a custom design for you and offer it to your group at a competitive price. We may require a minimum order to create it for you, however feel free to contact us with your idea by clicking here.

Get exclusive sales, special offers, & more

Get exclusive sales, special offers, & more